Strategy + Planing
Creative + Content
Experience + Technology
Brand Operations
Ecommerce solutions
Digital Tools
Data Mining + Predictive Analytics


  • Strategy + Planning

    Planning and implementation of innovative digital strategies

    Research + Insights
    Marketing Brand & Communication Strategy
    Digital Engagement Planning
    Competitive/Comparative Analysis
    Customer Interaction Strategy
    Social Media Human Experience Strategy>
    Business Requirements & Planning
    Full-Channel Strategic Planning


  • Creative + Content

    Result driven content with the world class UI UX designing

    Big Idea Platform Development
    Web Experience Management
    Managed web and mobile applications
    Interactive solutions
    IOS, Android development
    Content Marketing .


  • Experience + Technology

    Latest technology for more personalized human connections

    Experience + Service Design
    Connected Personalization
    Mobile, Tablet, Web + Emerging Platforms
    Ecommerce Platform
    Content Platform
    DMS Ad Serving Platform
    DMS Social Media Management Platform


Brand Operationst

We build, own, and operate market-leading web properties that serve consumer needs in large verticals such as retail, lifestyle, finance, telecom and others

Campaign Management
Analytics, Measurement & Optimization
Social Media Engagement
Social Media Reputation Management
Integrated Content Production + Operations
Platform Operation, Maintenance & Support.

Ecommerce solutions

Enterprise-class ecommerce, To bridges the gap between technology & quality vs. value. with unparalleled experience in the industry and an amazing level-of-service that makes us the choice of top enterprise eCommerce businesses.

B2C + B2B + B2F
eCommerce Consultancy
Back Office eCommerce Integrations
Mobile Ecommerce
Multi- channel Ecommerce
Advance Functions & Integrations

Data Mining  + Predictive

Cross-industry process  (CRISP-DM)
Business understanding
Data understanding
Data preparation 
Modeling & Validation
Predictive Models and Analysis 
Evaluation & 

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