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Marketing Automation Platform

Lead Generation Campaigns

Quickly generate new leads, prospects and targets with list building campaigns

Easily create mobile-friendly landing pages, microsites and web forms that will convert traffic into targets. Build your lists with content marketing, pay per click, search engine optimization, social, display ad and even offline campaigns that work for your 24x7x365. Automatically send out alerts when new leads arrive.

Landing Pages, Convert Visitors Into Leads With Responsive Landing Pages

Save Time
A Platform gives you easy to use, time saving tools like our responsive template builder, point & click editor, asset manager, template library management, keyword/meta tag management and more.
Personalized Pages
Personalize landing pages with our variable data & variable logic tools that don’t require any programming skills. Copy & modify your templates to present unique pages for each keyword, offer and customer segment.
Automate Follow Up
Automatically drop new leads into leads lists. Let our Drip Nurture Campaigns take over and keep your message in front of your leads. No need to find 3rd party tools to work with the platform, your automation is built in.


Build A Mobile Friendly Microsite In Minutes

Building a Microsite Has Never Been Easier

When you build microsites with Boingnet, you’re creating the perfect online hub for to drive succesful cross-channel marketing campaigns. Why? Because Our microsites are separated from your brand’s primary website. They feature flexible URLs, and are easily assembled by marketers (rather than IT). Best of all, they allow you to instantly deploy integrated marketing automation tools across web, social, email, mobile, and direct mail channels. Marketing teams, agencies and non profits can set up mobile-friendly, responsive microsites in minutes using pages and forms stored in Boingnet’s libraries.

Microsite For

  1. Product launches, contests, announcements and events

  2. Complimenting targeted direct mail campaigns using profile data to personalize content and offers Maximizing content marketing with videos, white papers, e-books and other downloadable content

  3. Implementing data capture campaigns, such as surveys, integrated forms and progressive profiling

  4. Integrating with your existing  CRM (or your client’s CRM)

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Lead Nurturing

Tend To Your Leadss

Leads are interacting with your marketing campaigns 24×7, but have you automated your lead nurturing process? You have landing pages capturing traffic from online campaigns, microsites showcasing your spectacular content, email campaigns being opened and clicked on and direct mail campaigns driving new leads to personal URL’s. If EVERY LEAD isn’t tracked, followed up on and qualified, you've wasted those campaign dollars. How do you follow up in a smart way? How do you keep track of what each lead has expressed interest in? Lead nurturing is lightweight, easy and will help you cultivate ROI with automated Drip Nurture Campaigns from DMS

Drip Nurture Campaigns – How Lead Nurturing with Boingnet Works

Automatically start Drip Nurture Campaigns when:

  1. A contact is added to a contact list via  web form – landing page, microsite, pURL, mobile device
  2. A contact opens an email from an existing Email Campaign
  3. A contact clicks on an email from an existing  Email Campaign
  4. A contact opens a pURL from an existing  Personalized Campaign
  5. A contact completes a form on a pURL from an existing Personalized Campaign

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Drip Marketing

Tiny Drops of Brand Content

Drip Marketing has been a successful technique used by brands since the dawn of modern marketing. Brands have long been delivering messages through various means on a regular, planned pattern through every channel imaginable. While the goal of drip campaigns has traditionally been brand awareness, the advent of marketing automation has opened up new avenues for drip marketing – enabling the messages to be tailored to individual targets on a one to one basis

Lead Generation → Drip Marketing → Loyal, Repeat Customers

  • Top Of Mind Drips – keep your leads engaged with your brand throughout the sales process
  • Promotional Drips – limited time offers with specials and discounts
  • Win Back Drips – re-engage with former customers or leads
  • Educational Drips – provide relevant product or service content to top of funnel prospects
  • Competitive Drips – target your competitors customers with drips devoted to switching to you

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Email Marketing

Clicks, Conversions & Sales

Run circles around your competitors who are blasting out generic newsletters. Boingnet email marketing gives you the tools to build personalized, mobile ready campaigns that drive clicks and sales. Relevant email experiences with responsive designed templates, personalization and integrated landing pages

Email Marketing Features

  • Deliverability & Scale - Sending email is easy. Having it delivered consistently is hard. DMS Email Marketing sits on world class infrastructure.
  • List Cleansing for High Deliverability - Unique List Cleaning process, enabling marketers to weed out bad addresses before they send. 
  • Use responsive design to re-size messages & landing pages for each device
  • Profile driven personalization with variable data
  • Detailed Email  Analytics & Reporting with delivery, open and click through rates

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pURL Marketing

Not just for direct

Personalized URLs or pURLs offer a great way for marketers to easily and inexpensively personalize their offers, track their results and quantify offline marketing spend with one to one details of campaign response and actions. DMS has powered best in class pURL campaigns for years, with thousands of campaigns under our belt and millions of pURLs delivered.

DMS pURL Marketing delivers great benefits for any campaign:

  • Increased response rates by speaking to each prospect or customer on a one to one basis
  • Real time response tracking, with integrated email alerts for instant follow up
  • Engage customers at a deeper level with variable data and logic
  • Advanced pURL creation & management.
  • Integrated campaigns that track response and activity for direct mail, email, mobile marketing and web marketing efforts.
  • Instant alerts for sales when pURL’s are opened or when forms are submitted
  • Detailed pURL analytics and reporting – who did what and when

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All In One Marketing Automation Platform

DMS lightweight marketing automation platform that helps businesses get new leads, nurture them and turn them into loyal customers.

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