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A complete package of solutions from demand management & forecasting, collaborative planning, sales & operations planning, inventory optimization & replenishment, and budgeting. Our array of solutions can help accurately allocate resources for materials, production, manpower, delivery and more over for any period of time. We can also provide benchmarks to give you a longer term perspective. Whether you sell products or services, we have the expertise needed to customize our forecasting techniques to meet your needs.

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Demand Management & Forecasting

  • Sense demand faster.
  • Prepare for upcoming demand fluctuations
  • Identify and simulate cross selling opportunities.
  • Define and monitor customers.
  • Respond faster to new demand.


  • Provide a common platform to capture future demand intelligence from the different functions within your organization
  • Arrive at a one number consensus forecast for the entire organization.
  • Identify and simulate cross selling opportunities.
  • Eliminate disparate spreadsheets that typically get passed around the organization.
  • Track forecast accuracy across departments and devise a weighting process based on performance
  • Improve overall forecast accuracy by making departments more accountable
  • Effectively incorporate input from your value chain, making it easy to load customer and supplier input to demand forecasts.

Sales & Operations

  • Have greater visibility to demand and supply across the organization.
  • Improve the Product Life cycle Management process.
  • More effectively plan events and promotions.
  • Improve inventory management.
  • Better predict revenue management.
  • More accurately design future budgets.

Inventory Optimization
eplenishment Planning

  • Provide planning targets at the individual SKU level based upon existing supply and demand data for any specified time period.
  • Restock your supply and get the right product at the right place at the right time.
  • Plan ahead for demand fluctuations


Our Platform lets you load your short term and long term sales quotas, volume targets, financial plans, budgets and any other financial measures you would like to combine with your demand and forecast data. This helps you:


  • Allow integration of your unit and revenue forecasting.
  • Incorporate financial information into your what-if scenarios and simulations.
  • Identify profitable opportunities and mitigate your losses.
  • Improve the Product Life cycle Management process.
  • More effectively plan promotions.
  • Improve inventory management.
  • More accurately predict future revenue.
  • Improv budget forecasting.

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